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Arlene Ambrose is poet, writer, performer and health advocate based in Alberta, Canada and native to Union Island- St.Vincent and the Grenadines. She has previously preformed in Alberta for the Edmonton Arts Council,Five Artist One Love-Black History Month show case, conducted and assisted in various poetry workshops; including for the Victoria School of the Arts- Edmonton.

She collaborated, through acting, with REACH Edmonton – Immigration and Refugee Initiative to create their documentary addressing domestic abuse. She is currently preforming with Elohim Ministries in their production- Seven Brides But One Wife-based in Toronto, Canada and internationally.

She is a Registered Nurse, with a background in critical care, previously working in neurology research, and as health care aide instructor for Norquest College. She’s also a Certified Health Coach, focusing on transitioning to plant based eating and brain and mood health.

Presently you can find her travel nursing across Canada and conducting health talks, including being a facilitator for the Dr. Neil Nedley Depression & Anxiety workshop. She has a passion for holistic health, helping people transition to a plant-based lifestyle, emotional and mental health, and trauma recovery for women.




~Meet people where they are, then support them through~

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