Arlene Ambrose

Vincentian Canadian poet, Registered Nurse and Health Coach writing about health and emotional wellness-especially for introverts

How You Can Heal Through Creativity: Connections Between Creativity and Healing.

Creative therapies have been linked to decreased anxiety, depression, stress levels, increased immunity, self-worth, and social identity. I’m a Registered nurse, writer, and spoken word poet. I dabble in various forms of creative arts. I’m most balanced in my health and emotions when I’m creative. I’ve called it the sixth vital sign. Creativity isn’t optional, […]


The Healing Benefits of Crying: Repressing Your Emotion is Slowly Killing You

We’ve lost the power of healing through mournful songs, dance, and crying out our pain.  Crying garners unique yet universal responses from individuals. It can make us uncomfortable. We either want it to stop or to provide comfort. Unlike any other emotion, genuine tears can be quite difficult to control, and almost impossible to fake, it […]