We are happy to have you.


I’m here to help you boost your mood, feel like yourself again…and even better, reduce stress, anxiety, and low moods, reduce skin breakouts and inflammation, increase your faith in God, eat more whole foods & veggies, reduce junk food consumption, eliminate toxic environments, habits and people from your life,  feel more relaxed, peaceful and calm.


Our clients are highly functioning, highly determined, resilient, value personal growth, value health, and are faith filled.

  • High Achievers

  • Ambitious Women

  • Resilient

  • Introverts

  • Codependents

  • Visible Minorities

  • Type A

  • Leaders

  • Creatives

  • Over thinkers

  • Professionals

  • Low self-esteem

  • Faith Filled

  • Shift Workers

  • Singles

  • Married

  • Christian

  • Non-Christian

  • Dirty Thirties