How can you help me?

What is a health strategist?

A health strategist also known as health coach simply put is empowering people to change without telling them what to do. It involves deep listening and provocative questions in a goal-orientated relationship with the person who is internally motivated to make changes that are important to them.

Typically you are in some sort of crisis, trauma, transition,or on the verge of making a major change in your life, but are facing some sort of obstacle that is hindering you from moving forward. Coaching uses asking, listening, guiding, providing support, encouragement and accountability for actions taken to move forward in the face of obstacles.

– Empowerment Coaching Network


It is an invaluable experience when you are stuck and need to move forward NOW, or if you’ve had enough of your old patterns and want to change. It commands a sense of urgency…but not everyone is currently in crisis, ready for change, or needs additional motivation, and that’s ok. Working with a health strategist gives you laser focus on achieving your goals. 

I want you to know that there is an option available to you whenever you do feel stuck. I personally worked with a health coach when I needed to get through a tough time in my life…and I loved it so much that I became one!

In the mean time I don’t believe that you should have to suffer to become healthy. So I’m going to be sharing tips, tricks, and hacks to boost your mood & get healthy!

Look out for my blogs, Instagram videos, Facebook videos, and e-books. Lets start a movement together and share it with the world.


I wanted to create something that focused on natural principles of health, the power of the will and choice, water for healing, movement, rest, environment, temperance, fresh air & sunshine, plant based eating, relationships, spirituality through Christ, and service. 

Not only do I use my knowledge from coaching but from years of teaching adults in the health field, conducting health talks and assisting with health expos.

Wholly Transformed has collaborated protocols, guidelines and research from some of the leading experts doctors, and nutritionist such as Dr. Niel Nedley, JJ Virgin, Dr. Steven Masley and Dr. Dan Engle.  

As featured on Oprah, the strategies I use are followed by some of the healthiest, longest living  people IN THE WORLD  living in the ” blue zone” of Loma Linda California.



Wholly Transformed hosts different programs to help with various health needs. We are currently running our Brain & Mood Health Program.  

This will help you boost moods, reduce stress, anxiety, panic attacks and low moods. It will get you eating more clean foods, while reducing processed ones. You will become more active, learn techniques to boost your mood, learn scriptures for peace, increase your faith, strengthen relationships and so much more. 

There have been additional reports of reduction in caffeine intake, better sleep, increased productivity, making healthier food choices, and weight loss.