Ideal Client


-dr. dan engle 

Crisis precedes transformation every time. 

You are a professional, hard working and driven. You usually keep it together pretty well but you’re stressed out and  getting close to your breaking point. You can hardly recognize yourself anymore, you’ve started breaking out, you’ve been getting panic attacks, becoming anxious, and moody. You’ve started stress eating, been unable to sleep, and can’t concentrate at work.

Perfect. If this is the situation you’re in then Wholly Transformed is for you.

Learn tools to deal with stress and anxiety, start eating healthier, fit holistic health into YOUR unique life, strengthen your faith, stop saying yes when you mean hell to the nah nah…, identify toxic habits, foods, and people..then say boy bye. Then boost your mood, energy, and thinking.


You’re a professional, an over thinker, codependent, type A, perfectionist, highly sensitive, pushover, people pleaser, hard to deal with, introvert, bossy, worst Christian ever, your mind never shuts up, and you low key ‘hate people’….

I got you.