Did you know that we were not meant to live a life of disease and sickness?
Some circumstance we cannot change, but MOST illness is brought on through the violation of the natural health laws and CAN be changed.
That’s great news! Why? Because you can slow down, reverse or even stop the course of your illness.
At Wholly Transformed Living we focus on the recovery of recent health diagnosis’s or trauma through the restoration of the natural health laws, with special emphasis on plant based eating and mental wellness.
Managed by Arlene Ambrose RN, Health  and Lifestyle Coach.


The Natural Health Laws

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I’m here to help you get your mind, mood and health back on track. How amazing would it feel if you finally knew the exact steps needed to improve your health and mood. If you could take control of the crisis that’s been causing you stress, anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem, stress eating, weight gain, skin breakoutsand poor lifestyle choices even if you’ve tried a million times before. Your moods are not going to be 100% everyday, but with these tools you’ll know exactly what to do to get back on track, whenever you need it…for life.

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What is a health and lifestyle coach ?

I help you to achieve goals by breaking them down into actionable steps/strategies so that you can finally cross them off your list! It’s empowering people to change without telling them what to do.This is done in a fun way while still giving you a challenge, and getting you healthy . I believe what you need is not more information but curated information; specific to your needs and lifestyle. You need to know how the information applies to you, how to implement it, and how to remain consistent in applying it. I focus on making lasting changes not quick fixes. If you want to count calories this is not for you.

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What can you help with?

We run different programs tailored to specific health issues. We are currently running our brain & mood health program to address  issues of low moods, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, negative thoughts, fatigue, recovery from illness and trauma, breakouts and inflammatory responses and more.

Please contact use for other treatments ex ( binge eating, transitioning to plant based eating, sugar addiction, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, digestion, heart health and more).

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Wholly Transformed Programs

Wholly Transformed  programs use a combination of 1:1 coaching sessions each week,  healthy nutrition and lifestyle implementations, bible scripture to motivate and inspire, goal setting, exercise and movement, looking at environment , creativity, faith and more  to facilitate healthy change.

Don’t worry even if you’ve never eaten a vegetable or exercised a day in your life you can still do this program.

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