Hi my beautiful people. I’m from St.Vincent and the Grenadines, based in Edmonton, online..or wherever my next adventure takes me. I’m a health strategist, registered nurse, spoken word poet and performer. For years I’ve taught adult health care learners, conducted health talks , facilitated workshops and assisted with health expos.I love using natural methods through habit change to help women (can be men too…no hate guys) get healthy. I love God and love what I do.

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Arlene Ambrose


Health Strategist
Helping resilient 30 + women create and implement strategies to  boost moods, get healthy, reduce stress, anxiety,  and feel like their slightly quiet slightly wild selves again… and even better. 


Health, travel, roti
Puzzles, board games
Puppies, lambs



The taste of oil of oregano
Scary Movies



Poetry & Performance

Creative Arts has helped me along my healing and health journey. I love writing, poetry and acting. Check out what I’ve been up too..



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