Our Vision

Our Vision

Total Transformation 


I keep hearing the same message at different times, in different forms but the same message none the less.

The message that there is hope, there is a God that loves us, we must endure, choose life, and we are meant to come out victorious. Whatever battle you are facing, know that you are not alone and that there is victory. 

In the war of good and evil. Evil is always trying to bring you down. Rather than look at this as a negative thing, we can use it to liberate us.  Things are not just happening to you because “you’re bad” or “unworthy of love”. Negative people don’t just enter your life “randomly”. It’s because you have a greater purpose; more than you can dream or imagine. 

We have to know the art of war. Things don’t always happen blatantly to destroy your life, but secretly, cunningly and deceptively; by destroying your health, peace, mood, relationship, and faith. You may even get feelings of heaviness, doubt, fear and mental breakdown.

The thing we have to protect the most is our mind. Your power of choice is the most important thing. Nobody, not even God has the power to force your will.

This is why I have the urgent message that we must stop living passively and choose not just to live… but thrive. This is not about prosperity. It is more than money and riches . It’s about being in the best health, feeling calm and happy, having loving and trusting relationships, and having high favour in-spite of life trying to tear you down. The war is already won, but the little battles continue until then.

Even in the darkest times know that it is God’s will that you thrive.

What’s the problem then? Many of us have no idea that we are in a life battle.  Life will have trouble, be hard, cruel and terrible. We give into suicide, addiction, mental breakdown, drugs, anxiety, and depression.

This does not need to be. We have authority to start living, and start fighting. 

I have a passion for life through holistic health

Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual 

When we miss the mark in any of these sections we suffer. Unfortunately due to many religious battles, injustices, and corruption we become very defensive at any mention of faith. 

Faith is more than ‘religion’. It’s about seeking out and knowing what we believe.  

I call on heaven and earth as witnesses today that I have offered you life or death, blessings or curses. Choose life so that you and your descendants will live

— Deuteronomy 30:19

We at Wholly Transformed believe in the power of Jesus to change. 

Our vision is to prevent, and decrease the incidents of depression, suicide, anxiety, and mental breakdown through faith, food and fitness .

To promote freedom of choice and encourage action taking.

To provide information and resources about holistic health, and health promotion.



Arlene Ambrose
Health Strategist, Registered Nurse, Poet/Performer