Designs to nourish your heart, soul and mind

Custom Print– Don’t Rush, let things unfold naturally


“Don’t rush, let things unfold naturally. Sometimes you’re not ready to move on. Sometimes you’re not ready to let go. Sometimes you need a reminder that you haven’t recovered, but are in recovery. Life’s experiences leave us in circumstances we never thought we’d be in, doing things we said we’d never do, with people we said we’d never be with. Trust that everything will reveal itself to you at the right time, and you will get what’s yours. So don’t rush, let things unfold naturally.”

Custom Print– Take rest, but don’t give up


Stagnation is not the same as failure. Take rest if you need to but don’t give up. This frame will give you of the boost you need, or your friend, or your sweetheart, or your mama. Whoever you decide it’s for is going to love the mindful encouragement. Plus, it goes well with your outfit.

“Stagnation happens when you don’t have anything in life that motivates you enough to take sustained steps towards it. This is temporary. You’re feeling stuck because you can’t see a way out of the situation you’re in. You think it’s going to last forever. It won’t. You can find your passion again through exploration, letting go, decluttering, listening to people’s stories and being open to new perspectives. Sometimes you have to create your own way. No matter what, take rest, but don’t give up.”